Have you tried TikTok yet?

Day 18:

Have you tried TikTok yet?

Day 17:

Check out Games athletes Brooke, Tia and Katrin. Can you recreate their video with some of your friends or family?

Day 16:

The Most Creative Carry from Tuesday's Strongman Workout!

We saw loads of awesome carries this week, well done and thank you all again for your efforts!

Day 15:

The Awkward Yeti!

Give the @awkwardyeti a follow!

Day 14:

Friendship Friday and Virtual Friday Night Lights all rolled into one!

It's Friendship Friday and also the release date for Workout 1 of CrossFit's Support Your Local Box Fundraiser!


Register today and don't miss our Live Zoom Announcement call at 7pm this evening!

Day 13:

How are you spending your "lock down"

Day 12:

Support your affiliate!

Day 11:

Memories from the Zach & Avery Competition

CrossFit have put together an online 'Open' event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19. Lifting Room and other boxes all around the world are proving that the temporary closures and distance between us cannot keep our communities apart. So why not join us in coming together with the rest of the CrossFit community and show your support. 


3 Workouts, 3 Weeks! CrossFit will release three classic and accessible workouts that can be performed by participants of any ability level. Everyone who participates will have their name displayed on the community leaderboard and will be able to create smaller leaderboards among friends, family, and other members of their affiliate using leaderboard hashtags.

Register today is open now!

Day 10:

The Termi'neigh'tor

How have you been practicing social distancing with your furry friends!

Tag us in your pics @liftingroomcrossfit #LiftingSpirits

Day 9:

Equipment loan!

How did your first week of workouts at home go?

Tag us in your pics @liftingroomcrossfit #LiftingSpirits

What equipment did you choose?

Day 8:

Our favourite out-take of the week!

We want to wish Ant all the best and hope he's enjoying his travels down the Australian East Coast!


Ya flamin' galah!

Day 7:

Friendship Friday!!

Check out what workout we have in store for you that's going to connect you to a friend or family member today!

Day 6:


How did 'Thunderstruck' go for you?

Day 5:

How do you Zoom?

Have you joined our 12pm Zoom call, or watched it back yet?

Day 4:

Need a laugh? 

After Boris' announcement last night we thought you'd appreciate this funny read! Justin's Floodlight is another good one!

Missing Missy.png

Day 3:

The incredible weekend Zoom workout team!!

Day 2:

Some of us are choosing to isolate away from family members at the moment who may be vulnerable, so we thought it would be nice to share some pics of your loved ones...and maybe a special one of your Mum. #familyday #mothersday

Day 1:

Find your favourite spot at home and enjoy a nice cuppa!

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