Team Lift get festive!

December 17, 2017

We have been absolutely blown away by the love within our community after an epic Christmas WOD and an action packed evening of celebrations‼️


Last night we presented awards to three incredible individuals for🔸”Our Members’ Member” 🔸Lifting Room CrossFit “Most Improved” & 🔸”Spirit of Lifting Room CrossFit” 🏆💜🌟


During the last month, we asked our members to anonymously nominate the person they wanted to award “Our Members’ Member” to and write 3 words to describe why they were nominating that person 👭🌟👫 


It was so rewarding to read the endless notes received from you all and we wanted to share with you just some of the comments before announcing our winner; Kind, Happy, Encouraging, Supermum strong, Charitable work, Supportive, Strong, Always smiling, Committed, Team spirit, Funny‼️


Well done to our recent Member of the Month and now Lifting Room CrossFit's "Members’ Member" Miss Hannah Rose 🌹 for her most recent award.  


Onto our SPIRIT award 🙏 We’ve received so many messages from so many of you thanking our team of staff for their continued support, but it is most certainly a group effort with both Coaches and Members equally putting in the work that gives our “gym” it's incredible spirit 💜


It’s the second time we have had the pleasure of presenting this award, and it went to a very deserving individual! Since joining us, our winner Aly has made an incredible impact on our community, bringing with her not only extremely colourful leggings 🌈 but a kind and caring nature 💜🌟 Aside from her incredible strength 💪 inside the box, she has also become a life saver after her recent acts of care during an incident on her way to the box!


We close our awards just for now with the presentation of the Lifting Room CrossFit “Most Improved” 🏋️ which goes to long term member Phil! Bringing smiles, positivity and laughter to every class, we know how much other members recognise and appreciate those lovely qualities of his. 


Phil's consistency has certainly paid off, with over 1️⃣️7️⃣️9️⃣️ visits to the box this year, including his incredible Summer WOD stint of 21 consecutive days at the box, 11 of which were attending our 6am class ✨


Phil has made some great achievements in his technique, fitness, strength, & mobility!


You just have to look at our chalk pen covered🖍🖼walls to see and appreciate the incredible achievements that have been made between our four Lifting Room walls! Thank you all for your passion, sweat, tears and laughter.


We are so proud of each and every one of you, thank you all for your kind messages and gratitude 🙏💜⭐️ #GoTeamLift


Well done Phil and here’s to 2018‼️


Our fourth and final award for 2017 was presented soon after his arrival of kipping handstand push ups to Member James for

 Lifting Room CrossFit “Most Dedicated” 2017 🏆‼️

We are very proud of James and want to recognise all that he has achieved in the past 12 months 🌟

James is a regular at our 6am WOD which is followed by a commute 🚙 to Nottingham, that’s over 60 miles! Not only is James one of our early birds, he has also attended our weekly Olympic Lifting classes since they started at the beginning of the year 🏋️👏

James is partnered by Sarah, and they make up #TeamEvans with sons Jack & Harry 🌟👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  It has been a pleasure welcoming wife Sarah to the team and also getting to know their boys! Congratulations James for all your hard work, your dedication to your training & the example you set your boys! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💜⭐️

We want to recognise and thank all those members who lead busy work and family lives, those with young children, especially newborn babies still making it to our WODs! You set an incredible example to the younger generations and are a very important part of the Lifting Room culture.

We are lucky to have you all as part of #TeamLift 💜


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