Navigating my way through this different way of life.

April 23, 2020

It’s been an uncomfortable few weeks and I've often asked myself is Lifting Room still living? Do our values live on within our community whether we are in or out of lock down? Is everyone still moving, still improving and caring for one another? I believe we can still be better at these things and it requires a lot of willingness to challenge thoughts, feelings, the way we move, what we value and prioritise. I will keep asking that question so we can together, keep finding better. This is the approach I hope we can, and will continue to take.


How is Lifting Room living? 


Learning still.


I’m posting this picture in particular because of something Julien wrote not long into “lockdown.” 


“This is the time to read, to learn, to prepare for the next black swan event.”...

“ are being asked to distance yourself from others, not from yourself.”


I’ve been applying this myself and incorporating techniques into our classes for a while now. I think to myself "Sophie...stop running away from yourself and instead try to understand why you might be running away."


I wanted to do my best not to let the situation we find ourselves in impact our ability to learn or to coach and I believe the way we are connecting now is making us stronger.


We may not be able to come together physically, but what we can do is build connections in other ways. I’ve thought to myself...


"what if we could in fact, create better connections, because of these restrictions?"


Every day is an opportunity to learn, not just something about a movement but about ourselves.


Of course, there are good and bad days, acknowledging and accepting them in order to face a situation is what I’m working on being better at and it’s also forming a new part of our coaching at Lifting Room.


When we do beat this and we have the opportunity to come together again, I want everyone to believe in the shape and form we decide to take and in what they have decided on as well.


What are you choosing?

....and read on if you’d like to take a little bit of a deeper look into what Lifting Room and its members are getting up to during lock down.


Daily check in & Coached call

Yes, we do Zoom but it’s probably not what you’ve seen on TV or what others post about. Our calls are designed in a way that continues to reach out, help and challenge our members, and takes into consideration the different positions clients might find themselves in.


This is why we set up a daily zoom call not to “virtually workout” (members do have access to do this) but to be able to check in on one another, digest the days workout, go through any movements and importantly enable a Q&A with our members so they can continue to get the most out of each and every one of their workouts.


Online portals

We’ve also set up an online portal where each day the “Workout” is released, a piece of “Learning” shared and we also include a post to make us “Smile". When we see people getting on with their workouts, working on skills, asking questions and then sharing their experiences it really makes me as a coach feel fulfilled. So if you are working on something and would like to share your journey, why not send us a short blog, video or post so we can share with the wider community?




Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." - Viktor E. Frankl


We as humans are ever evolving, learning and adapting to the challenges we are faced with.


If you feel stuck, unsure of your purpose or how to manage your goal setting in the current situation then why not get in touch. We can set up a phone call or if you prefer a visual call, we can of course Zoom too. Maybe you want to run a marathon, get a new job or write that screenplay you can't stop thinking about...


It’s that thing you really want or need to do, but for whatever reason, you haven’t quite been able to achieve? Or maybe it’s nothing as cut and dry as a “goal”, perhaps there’s just something missing in your life - a feeling of being stuck that you want to push through, but don’t know how.


Become a Lifting Room member today and get access to:

  • Daily workout brief, member check in, coaching and movement Q&A

  • Access to our online portals and private groups

  • LIVE Weekend workouts with our coaches and two daily Virtual Workouts driven by our members

  • Online movement assessments

  • In house events and competitions

  • And much, much more!


Get in touch with me today by email or if you prefer by phone on 07539 087 103.


Stay Home. Keep Moving. Have Fun.


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