Sophie's Choice

February 28, 2020

 For me, 2019 was a bit like “Sophie’s Choice” but I am pleased to say that after a very challenging year I am now enjoying Lifting Room more than ever.


For those not familiar with the reference, I found myself in a place of unhappiness and unsure about the direction Lifting Room seemed to be moving in. 


In early 2019, with the first instalment of The Open in full swing I had noticed a shift in people’s perspective, and I felt that the initial goal I set for Lifting Room ‘to care for and teach everyone who walks through the Lifting Room doors’ had started to slip away.


From a member perspective; I noticed that people were picking up injuries and trying to run before they could walk. On a personal level I was feeling bored, angry and frustrated. I got to a point where I no longer enjoyed my work. I wasn’t happy and something had to change.


These feelings of anger and boredom were telling me I had to go out and learn. Members, friends or other gym owners couldn’t give me a perfect remedy. I needed to find the solutions for myself.


At the time I didn’t know what the ‘change’ was going to look like but in February this year we launched our new timetable and improved program and I am so proud of what has been achieved.


The new system for Lifting Room which features new classes including ‘Burn’ and ‘Strong’ wasn’t plucked out of thin air. It’s been part of my journey to build a carefully structured programme to keep us all safe, continually learning and feeling challenged.



Finding the fight


Whilst we have always been an affiliated box, the programming from day one has always included strongman movements, work on the sled, sandbags, turf, yoke and trap bar. Turf and strongman equipment are not common places in a CrossFit box, but I was adamant to create a space for those things so we could build into the program planes of movement which do not show up in ‘pure’ CrossFit programming.


The system is what it is because of the challenges, both good and bad, that I have chosen to face since we first opened the doors in 2016. I could have stayed in my comfort zone and continued to hold primarily CrossFit classes, but I chose to fight. I chose to fight for something I am truly passionate about, something that I believe wholeheartedly in and I am proud to stand by and represent.


I wanted to drop the ‘exhausted pigeon’ title I had come to wear. I felt my work defined who I was and that to feel successful I needed to feel I was giving every piece of myself to it. I had stopped training, I didn’t take time to care about what and how I ate and I prioritised the business over friends and family. I thought I had no choice, that it had to be this way because I was the one who chose to start my own business and this was part of that choice. I realised I was in fact living a life opposite to the one I had set out to live when I started Lifting Room.



Shaping your journey


It took over 12 months to reach this point and in that time I have found a new kind of strength in quality over quantity. I am now enjoying my training, I’m no longer on antidepressants after 7 years with them and have created new relationships, the most important one being the one I have with myself.


So, when you’re feeling bored, you’re angry or want to blame someone else for the way you’re feeling, remember you are the one in control. Don’t always opt for the easy option or the one that gives you a short-term fix. Think long-term                  . Think about the journey to where/who you want to be as part of the goal, and ENJOY it!


I am more efficient, happier and enjoying my work BUT none of this would have been possible without choosing to ask myself “Why am I doing this?”


With this new programme and the new Lifting Room approach, I hope people will embrace the opportunity to take a deeper look into themselves and be okay with being asked by someone “Why do you want that goal?” After all, if you can’t answer that question to someone else, how can you answer truthfully to yourself?


No matter your goal, no matter your ‘why’ we must help EACH OTHER get there.


If it’s handstand push ups you want by The Open, I invite you now to ask yourself ‘why’? And If you still want handstand push ups, great! If you end up with a new answer, that’s also great! We can help you with the how, but you need to play a part in the WHAT you are going to do and in the WHY you’re going to do it. After all it is YOUR journey, not mine.


Lifting Room means a great deal to me, but if you have feelings like I experienced or are going through similar feelings with aspects of your life then I encourage you all to ask yourself why and delve deeper. There’s a good chance that what you want isn’t exactly what you’re chasing.


Balance: Family, friends, meeting new people

Balance: Practice a skill/craft/art form you’re great at, be open to learning something new

Balance: Going out out, checking in with yourself (being okay by yourself), staying in and enjoying ‘home’

Balance: CrossFit, Strong, Burn


Everything is an arch, create balance in your body and in your life.


Trust. Honesty. Respect.


Trust us to look after you, be honest so we can look after each other. Show respect for yourself and have understanding for one another.



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