Off to StrongFit HQ....finally I'm ready!

February 28, 2020

“I want to own a CrossFit Affiliate!” I stated out loud and to myself since I started training at CrossFit Darwin in 2010, on so many occasions. I mentioned it to friends, family and pretty much anyone who would listen. Well I did it, I opened Lifting Room and I thought that was that…goal achieved! However, in the past year, I’ve wondered how something I wanted so badly, something that I’d set as a goal for so long had left me with the same feeling I have faced many times before in work and in life. The feeling of wanting to escape, of boredom and also a lot of anger and frustration.


I was challenged on numerous occasions since opening Lifting Room to try and come off the medication I had been taking for over 7 years. I was scared I would not be able to do my job, I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to deal with the challenges I’d inevitably face that come with the territory of owning a small business and I was afraid of some of the uncomfortableness of change and growth that I know has brought me down in the past.


I came across Julien and his StrongFit tribe in 2016 which has since helped shape the person that now sits here writing this. Lots of you know it all started with 'torque'.


StrongFit's principles helped solidify that our use of the turf, sleds, yoke and ropes were the correct thing for me to have included in the programming from the beginning, but never did I think all this talk about torque would lead me to the point I am at now.


In July 2019 I came across the work of Andrew Kalen Daish (who's becoming a household name at Lifting Room) because of another incredible podcast delivered by Tyler and Julien of StrongFit (check it out here - and subscribe). This time I was challenged in my own performance, I was inspired by Andrew's outlook. How he was playing high level Rugby (already a massive feat) and challenging himself to find better because his 'why' had changed!


On 6th July 2019, I took on Andrew’s Dirty Thirty (which was ironic because I was about to reach the ’30’ year milestone);


30 Assault Bike Calories

30 Row Erg Calories

30 Burpees


The first time I managed 5:56 followed by another win when I retested it last month, taking 16s off my time - something must’ve already started changing at that point. On Monday 24th February, we let the Lifting Room family take the ‘Dirty 30’ on. I did it too but Coach Ana and I put a little spin on it swapping the 30 Burpees for a 100m sled sprint and I posted 5:18 -

I have never been more hungry to go looking in places I haven't gone before and I’m definitely finding my FIGHT now!


With some minor changes, I’ve found control without losing out on intensity (both in life and in training);

  • Using food to fuel the activity at hand

  • Breath work (Nasal and Nose-Mouth)

  • Using constraints instead of chasing a load, time or an Rx score

I’m finally finding purpose:

  1. A training system that is based on feeling and not numbers.

  2. Better mechanics, more control = more load.

  3. No longer chasing a time without taking into account the numerous variables that affect performance.

  4. No longer trying to complete workouts at ‘RX’ only and instead thinking about nutrition, sleep quality and state.

And most importantly…

A job, a place that I proudly own and manage that isn’t based on numbers but on feelings. 


I now train and coach for life:

  • Wins, whatever they are, in whatever shape and form they come. I’m paying more attention to me.

  • Tuning into how I feel, what state I’m in and adapting my eating, training, behaviour to that state.

The work Julien has put out there for free through his podcast and the StrongFit channel helped me find purpose in what I’m doing and next week my good friend and fellow coach Ana get to officially add StrongFit to our Lifting Room journey.


Remember life isn’t a destination, it's a journey. With the work I have done over the last 12 months I am proud to have focussed the goals of my business not on more but on BETTER.

  • Not just about having more members but about putting together a better service offering.

  • Not focusing on more turnover but on building a better community.

  • Not adding more classes but better focusing the time we DO have with our members.

  • Not more equipment but better programming.


More is not better, better is more and I’m enjoying getting to know a BETTER me!

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