The In-House Open - 6 workouts, 3 teams, ALL WINNERS!

And just like that…The Open was well and truly “closed”! This year we decided to run the ‘Lifting Room In-House Open’ alongside the worldwide competition. The idea was to get the whole Lifting Room community involved and let’s just say, it was a successful 6 weeks! It all started with the creation of the 3 teams: WOD Bashers (led by the lovely Aly), Legs Miserables (fronted by the Frenchman Philippe) and Push Jerk It Real Good (led by Adam “Pringles” Jones-Hayes). The first few team mates were randomly selected in a draw (with the help of our Little Lifters), followed by a week of dodgy dealings and bribes to recruit the remaining members before the 22nd of February deadline!


In addition to increasing participation in the Open workouts, our ‘In-House Competition’ involved weekly challenges to keep the teams motivated and most importantly allow us to understand how Lifting Room fits into all of our member’s lives. 


Over the 6 weeks of 'competition' we were humbled to see (and read!) how you have all come to create this community of like-minded individuals who show up day in and day out, whether it’s to better yourselves, to unwind after a crazy day/week at work or simply to say hi and support your fellow ‘Lifters’. 


We witnessed a number of fantastic PB’s, some ‘pain cave’ moments and some personal battles being won and lost!  We will give you a full run down of the ‘In-House Open’ but first we wanted to talk about the next steps in your journey to a healthier life.


Now that the open is done, one of the questions you might be asking yourself is: ‘What now?!’ or you might even have a list of things you want to work on and you might be wondering ‘How do I actually work on these things?’ We’ve got you covered…we have some very exciting events coming up this year (including a strongman competition which you have all voted for) and you will even get the chance to take part in specific skill workshops we will be hosting so ‘watch this space’!  


So, what REALLY happened in the ‘In-House Open’?  


Week 1: "Funniest Team Photo"


The open started with a deadly couplet of rowing and wall balls in week 1, leaving all the ‘shorties’ to try to figure out how they could grow a couple of inches just hours before tackling the workout. 


We had a huge turnout of members show up in the evening to judge, support and even iron shirts (yes…iron shirts) which made for a fantastic kick-off to the competition. 


During the week, we saw the teams post their ‘funniest pictures’ with the WOD Bashers taking the points thanks for Nav’s and Ed’s dancing/posing skills – If that doesn’t motivate you to try a 9:30 class, I don’t know what will!  


After Week 1, WOD Bashers were off to a great start with 77 points while Legs Miserables got the most points for Top 3 placements and for Team Spirit (thanks to their fantastic Vive Le Wod shirts). 


Week 2: "Checking in"


We had barely recovered from our Wall Ball/Rowing couplet when the CrossFit Gods delivered 19.2 with some technical movements and a heavy barbell just to make things ‘extra spicy’. This meant our members had to make a decision: ‘Should I RX and try to PB my clean or Scale it and try to finish it’. That is the beauty of the Open – each week we saw individuals make a conscious decision about how they would attack their workout and ask themselves ‘What do I want to achieve with this workout?’.


Naturally we saw some humble decision-making when it came to this workout. This ‘proud parent’ moment was made even better with all the healthy homemade snacks prepared by the WOD Bashers team as well as the endless judges that showed up to support the wider community!


This was also a fantastic redemption workout for last year’s double under challenge in 18.3! The great thing to see was that following 18.3, a number of you clearly made a decision in that moment that double unders were going to be in your repertoire ‘by the next open’ and here you were 12 months later tackling 19.2 with ease, thanks to all your hard work and determination!


By the end of week 2, WOD Bashers were still in the lead after winning the “Team Spirit” Award, followed by Push Jerk It Real Good and Legs Miserables. 


Week 3 - "Feeling Inspired" 


The words “Dumbbells will definitely make a return in 2019” must have been uttered in every CrossFit box around the world and by Week 3, we were all proven right! 


The scaled version of the workout was potentially the more ‘surprising’ element of 19.3 – the heavy Dumbbell, the strict HSPU, the box step ups (urgh…the box step ups). We saw some of our fantastic female athletes pick up the 16kg dumbbell for the first time (after countless times of dismissing it as ‘too heavy’), we kept watching as you all chipped away at those 50 Step Ups and countless OH Lunges as saw lots of you keep trying for those strict HSPUs both with and without ab-mats. 


In Week 3 we also had the pleasure of reading some amazing words you all wrote about each other and about how you jointly inspire positive change & transformation in each other's lives. It’s safe to say that in week 3 we all felt the Lifting Room love!


Week 4 - "Best Homemade"


The ‘magic’ moment of the open arrived in week 4: bar muscle-ups and pull-Ups! After Week 3, we were all happy that no squats or lunges were involved but still, 19.4 delivered what is essentially a two-part workout that required athletes to trust their capacity to recover before either attempting a ‘first’ or before getting back into the pain cave!  


The ‘homemade’ week started off well with the gym printer running out of ink, making us improvise some handmade scorecards for the 6AMers! It’s almost as if we planned it like that…did we?! Didn't we?! You will never know…


It was amazing to be a part of all the ‘firsts’ that happened in week 4 – first pull-ups, first bar muscle ups, first RX workout and it was even more fantastic to see all the homemade banners, canvas, cakes (hmmm cake), and tattoos (real and temporary – still can’t believe you did that Adam)!


Thank you to each and every one of you that made the effort to challenge yourselves and to all of you that took part in the homemade challenge! Going into Week 5, the WOD Bashers were in 1st place, followed by Push Jerk It Real Good and Legs Miserables! It was time to kick it up a notch for ‘Transformation Week’… 


The beauty of The Open is that it will never stop, we will all continue to be challenged and are given an incredible opportunity to do so every single day. 


Week 5 - "Transformation Week" and the final open workout!


Do you remember when you were first introduced to Fran? You might have thought "How do they come up with these combinations?". While some people called 19.5 ‘a bigger Fran’, others referred to it is a crazy version of 18.5...We described  it like this: 19.5 is 18.5 + Fran on steroids, eating chalk, whilst showering in pre-workout.


19 Point 5 consisted of a 120 rep buy in followed by Fran avec chest-to-bar! What this meant was that we experienced another incredible week of firsts. Not just in chest to bar but in thruster weight too. Who found out they had calves after jumping pull ups?


Not only did everyone impress themselves with their performance in Week 5 but, we all got to know each other a little bit better thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts on your personal transformation journeys.


We wanted to throwback to Dee's post and the part which resonated with us most, read on through our Instagram page @liftingroomcrossfit.


"I think it's really important to remember that most of the biggest transformations start from within." - Dilara


Whilst 19.5 marked the end of the official 'Crossfit Games Open' but we weren't done yet...the competition hung in the balance until Week 6 and Special Event 19.6! Read on to find out how the points ended up...


Week 6 - "Biggest Team Pic"

On a sunny Saturday morning, teams assembled at 9am to tackle Special Event 19 point 6. The first part gave teams a 'Nerf-ing' initiation coupled with Ass. Biking their heart's out.


Teams had 8 minutes to accumulate as many calories as possible on the Assault Bike, 1 Calorie = 1 point, followed by 8 minutes of Nerf-ing! Understandably, you might be wondering what Nerfing is. In the assigned 8 minutes, athletes had to row 200m to gain access to a Nerf gun which they would subsequently use to try and knock down 4 cups – in order to re-load their 6 bullet Nerf guns athletes had to go back to the rower for another 200m sprint, 1 cup = 1 point for your team. Nerfing might of course make a re-appearance during some of normal programming in the future so don't worry if you missed out!


The standings after event 1 were: 


WOD Bashers with 809 points after gaining 393 accumulated points from Nerfing and Biking. Push Jerk It Real Good at 723, reducing their points difference to WOD Bashers from 139 to just 86. Legs Misérables at 678 after having won Event 1, giving themselves 463 points.


We moved into Event 2 but would the "Fiery Fifties" be able to change things up? The second part of 19.6 required athletes to individually tackle 50 Burpee over barbell, 50 Front-rack reverse lunges, 50 Push press and 50 Pull-Ups (with a 12 minute time-cap)…ouch! RXd and Scaled athletes would contribute points to their team depending on their placing for their respective categories (1st place would contribute 100 points, 2nd – 90, 3rd – 80 etc…).


Legs placed 5 athletes (contributing a total of 280 points), while WOD Bashers placed 6 athletes (for 290 points). Taking 7 of the Top 10 places, Push Jerk It Real Good scored a whopping 520 points. 


We had a fantastic turnout from all the teams allowing us to end our first ever ‘In House Open’ with a big smile on our faces!


Before the release of the final points standings, Sophie wanted to thank every person who showed up each week and gave the Open their best shot! None of this would have been possible without you! 


Here are just some of the incredible things we were able to achieve together, check this out!


⭐ We achieved 165 "personal bests" across the gym!

⭐ You submitted and had validated a whopping 247 scores!

⭐ Our Top 3 finishes across the board were; 24 for WOD Bashers, 18 for Push Jerk It Real Good and 15 for Legs Miserables.

⭐ Together we posted over 60 times about our lovely community, spreading the love, laughs and incredible positivity!!


Now onto the final the eleventh hour, Push Jerk It Real Good managed to pull the competition out of the bag. The final results for the Lifting Room CrossFit In-House Open were: 


🥇 1st Place #PushJerkItRealGood 🏋️‍♂️ 1246 points 
🥈 2nd Place #WODBashers 🔨 1107 points 
🥉 3rd Place #LegsMiserables 🦵959 points 


Congratulations to Push Jerk It Real Good, your team name will sit proudly upon the banner and we hope it will be joined by many more team names, special to our community in the coming years who will fight it out to take the top spot! 


The Open allowed the Lifting Room team to reflect on some incredible times over the past 2 months, from finding our Team Captains, to pulling together what we hoped was a fun and inclusive 6 week event! There were so many moments captured of spirit, laughter and most certainly grit (not just through the teeth) which we have and will continue to enjoy sharing with you and the wider community.


It is on this note that we would like to announce our awards for


 Member of the Month & The In-House Open.


Our first Member of the Month & The Open goes to the lovely Nicole! Nicole joined us only 5 months ago and wasn't sure she would register for The CrossFit Games Open. However, having been motivated to register by partner Terry and her friends at the box Nicole decided to get herself 'In The Open'. Not only was it Nicole's debut season, it was also her first 3 months of training at the Lifting Room. Nicole approached every workout with determination and by the end of Week 2 she had found her groove which meant we finally saw her beginning to believe in her own abilities. From that point we saw her achieve Top 5 finishes in the final three workouts. Whilst some things take a little while to crack Nicole doesn't give up and continues to prove how hard she is willing to work. Well done Nicole, thanks for being your smiley bubbly self always!


Our second Member of the Month & The Open goes to Lee Askey! Lee joined us with his two faves and lovey dovey couple Sam & Lauren. He arrived (was coerced) into the then 'Olympic Weightlifting' class and the following week tried a CrossFit class. The rest we can say is history. If you need some motivation Lee is your man, if you're feeling a bit blue he will give you a laugh, and most of all, if you need a friend you know he's there. Well done Lee, you are a pleasure to have as part of the team. Your mischievous behaviour keeps us all on our toes and we wouldn't want it any other way.


So there we have it, the first Open season of the year is over and athletes around the world are now well into the CrossFit Sanctionals and with The CrossFit Games on the horizon we look toward our next In-House Open competition this October!!


Are you Interested in being a team captain? Or do you have any feedback you believe could make our October Open even better? Make sure you get in touch and let us know! 


Thank you team and lots of love from proud owner Sophie and the team! xxx

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