18 months of Team Lift

January 18, 2018

18 months ago, proud owner Sophie met the young man pictured to the left the day Lifting Room CrossFit opened it's doors, and at our first ever class.


That year, Scott won Our "Most Dedicated 2016" award and in July 2017 progressed through our coaching program to become Coach Sqotty. Since then, Scott has helped Sophie to continue delivering a fun, friendly & accessible fitness program to the Lifting Room community. 


In the last 12 months, our community has doubled in size, we’ve introduced new classes, made additions to our diverse range of equipment & met even more incredible people.


We have enjoyed showing our members that working out doesn’t have to be monotonous, difficult or lonely and can in fact be the way to new friendships, healthier eating habits, strength both mentally and physically and freedom from body image and food issues.


We can’t wait to introduce more people to the CrossFit lifestyle and continue to make exciting additions this 2018.


Here’s to you #TeamLift 💜

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