Member of the Month | January

April 26, 2017

Member of the month | January

This January 2017 saw the introduction of Lifting Room CrossFit's award for Member of the Month. The award is to recognise an individual's commitment, progress and achievements since starting with Team Lifting Room and to allow us all to find out a little more about the awesome human we're recognising.

Andrea, since starting with us in November 2016 has come along so far. 


It is with great pleasure that we introduce the first award for Member of the Month to Andrea Alcock. Andrea was adamant she was not able to skip but at our Christmas WOD last year, Andrea conquered them and has never looked back.
Since starting with us in November 2016 Andrea has come along so far. Here are a few questions we asked her after delivering the news of Member of the Month.

Getting to know your fellow member...


When and how did you get started with us?
I came to the Lifting Room in November 2016 because I needed the motivation I was lacking at a regular gym. I need the encouragement from a trainer who is always watching you, telling you that you CAN lift it or you CAN squat that and who points you in the right direction when you're lifting incorrectly.

What has been your most memorable moment?
There are a couple of moments I remember most. Rowing 5km was a great achievement, I was dreading doing it but I took my time, didn't go flat out and completed it in a relatively good time. I can even say I am looking forward to doing it again to see if I can better my time. I'm also very proud of improving my box squats and sumo deadlifts....I love the feeling of building up to a weight and then realising at the end I've managed to deadlift 60kg!!

What's been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge was overcoming squats, I never thought I could do them as I have dodgy knees.

What’s the best part about working out with the 6:30pm crew?
The 6.30pm crew are a great bunch of lads, always encouraging you to keep going, never getting frustrated when I can't keep up and acting like rowdy school boys at the back of the class (Tim and Callum). I never feel intimidated being the only woman in the class and I think the more I come to the Lifting Room the more I can keep up.

What’s your favourite meal or snack you treat yourself to once in a while?
Cheese and biscuits and then I treat myself to brazil nut toffee from Thorntons once in a while, not often though!

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
A cheetah because they are elegant, fast and strong and wouldn't be messed with.

What's your goal for 2017?
My goal for 2017 is to get my body to look the way it did in 2012.  I was thin, had muscles and was a size 10. I feel I have lost weight and I am gaining confidence in the way I'm looking but I have a way to go yet. You encourage me Sophie, the last time I tried knees to chest on the rig I found it difficult but I didn't give up and this time managed over 30. Encouragement from you and me looking better in my jeans keeps me going.

Congratulations Andrea and here's to many more awards for Lifting Room CrossFit!
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