Member of the Month | February

April 26, 2017

Member of the Month February!

February went by like a flash and we are already one workout into the CrossFit Open and only 2 days to go until we get to compete with the best of our ability in 17.2!

Once again, we want to take some time to recognise an individual's achievements since joining the Lifting Room and this month we are pleased to award Will the Member of the Month!

Will came to us with a background and interest in cricket and golf but it didn't take him long before he was able to master the more advanced CrossFit movements like; the Olympic Lifts, Double Unders, Rope Climbs (+ legless), Linking kipping movements (+C2B, T2B) & last night a 44.5" Box Jump! Will's patience has rewarded him with a significant increase in strength & the ability to master all the above & more! Well done Will and all the best for 17.2!


Getting to know your fellow member...


When and how did you get started at Lifting Room CrossFit?

I joined back in September last year. My fitness was getting worse year on year and I felt it was time to sort it out. I also wanted to improve my strength and flexibility and CrossFit seemed like the perfect solution. Lucky for me, Lifting Room CrossFit opened up 15 minutes away. 

What has been your most memorable moment?
Has to be Graham going for a one rep max deadlift and just letting one rip, priceless. 

What's been your biggest challenge?
Double unders and the Olympic Lifts. Also trying not to injure myself in stupid ways. My pre 17.1 warm up box jump springs to mind.

What’s the best part about working out with the 6:30pm crew?
The 6.30pm crew are great, we have a laugh and some friendly competition. We push each other along. Also, I'm not a morning person, if you see me at the 6.30am class it's probably because I've pooped in my bed ;-)

What’s your favourite meal or snack you treat yourself to once in a while?
Hmm, perhaps a Nando's boneless platter for 2 for 1 :-)

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I play golf for Lutterworth and cricket for Barby. 

What's your goal for 2017?
My goal for 2017 is bar muscle ups and handstand push ups/walk.

Will ~ We really can't thank you enough for your support and wish you all the best for your training in 2017; at the box, on the cricket pitch and at the golf course!




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