Day 72 | Sunday | Workout 31.5 | LIVE at 10AM

"Lifting Room"

For Max. Burpees


Part A:

7 Minute AMRAP

30 Snatch

Max. Burpee

Part B:

7 Minute AMRAP

30 Clean and Jerk

Max. Burpee

Part C:

7 Minute AMRAP

30 Thruster

Max. Burpee


Day 71 | Saturday | Workout 30.5 | LIVE at 12PM

Workout 1: Warm Up

‘I Wanna Dance’ “WOD Song” - Squats

Workout 2: For Max. Effort 'explosiveness'

Broad Jump or Squat Jumps or Kneel to Squat or Box Jump (any explosive movement you can complete, go for a max. effort jump (5-8 reps at a time 2/3 times) 

Workout 3: ‘Kelly’ at Home (18 Minute Time Cap)

5 Rounds: Go as hard as you can….effort over outcome..

400m Run

30 Box Jump or Step up (15L/15R)

30 Medball Thruster (use any object)

Day 70 | Friday | Workout 29.5 | LIVE at 7.30AM

Workout 1 (Warm Up): 2 Rounds

60s Object Crush (for tension) into OH Squats or (goblet/front rack)

- go until you lose tension

Workout 2: Biceps AMRAP Fun!! (2 Rounds)

Banded bicep curl holding tension in band (Left side) whilst,

Hammer curl (Right side)

  • rest 60s

Then switch...

Workout 3 (WOD): For total reps (3 Rounds)

60s Bent Over Row

60s KB/DB Swings

60s (Left) Reverse Lunge with max. load

60s (Right) Reverse Lunge with max. load

60s Double Under​

Day 69 | Thursday | Workout 28.5 | LIVE at 9.30AM

Workout 1 (Warm Up): 

30 Rows (15 ET, 15 IT)

Workout 2: 3 Rounds (For time)

40m farmers carry or sandbag/d-ball hug

20 KB Halo (10 Clock/10 Anti)

40m KB Pec Carry

20 D-Ball Over Shoulder or Clean (any object)

- Make your transitions between movements quick, this is a sub 10-minute workout.

Workout 3: For Time

40 Strict Press or Floor Press (As heavy as you can go, get the work done as quick as you can)

Day 68 | Wednesday | Workout 27.5 | LIVE at 6PM

Workout 1: Hamstrings + Glutes = Life

30 Object to lap (deficit deadlift style) – for glutes and hamstrings awareness

Rest 1 min

30 Object to lap

- Use a D-Ball/S-Bag/Heavy KB/Compost Bag and go for it, no resting!

Workout 2: 45-30-15 (For time)

Star jump or Double Under


Seated press

Workout 3: 5-10 minutes of breath work lying down in a comfortable position.

Inhale for 3-5 seconds through your nose…
Brief hold in…
Exhale for 6-10 seconds through your mouth (like you are blowing a whistle)…
Brief hold out.

Keep the ratio of inhale to exhale at a 1:2

Day 67 | Tuesday | Workout 26.5 | LIVE at 9.30AM

Workout 1: 10 Min ‘Play’ (Balance/Agility/Accuracy)

Throwing ball into bucket or at target

Balance work on any object

Headstand Hold/Handstand Hold/Pike Hold



Workout 2: Back to Back Burn The Coach!

Part A

2 min AMRAP:

7 Burpee

7 Squat

- 1 Min Rest

Part B

2 Min Window:

60 Jump Lunge

Max. Double Under / Skips

 - 1 Min Rest

Part C

2 RFT:

40/25 Hand Release Push ups or Snake

20 Russian Swings

Score = Time (C) minus your reps from (A) + (B)

Workout 3: 400m Walking Lunge (all Nasal)

Change this to a 4 Minute forward lunge or a static lunge (on the spot)

Day 66 | Monday | Workout 25.5 | LIVE at 10AM

Workout 1: 20s at each movement (3 Rounds)

20s Ground tap

20s Hollow

20s High Knee

10s Rest

Workout 2: Get Prepped for 'WOD' & 2 Rounds

Complete a 100m Jog/Carry &

5 Reps of each movement you intend on doing.

This workout isn’t about your time, your strategy, or your “RX” ability  - instead this is a workout to remember the hero that the workout is recognising. In this case, the hero is LT. Michael P. Murphy who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

Hero WOD 'Murph' consists of a very high volume of reps. Yes, it’s supposed to be a grinder, and it’s supposed to be challenging but that doesn’t mean we throw all logic out the window. So drop us a line if you need any help modifying the workout further or differently to the following suggestions.

Workout 3: 'Murph'

1 Mile Run or Jog/Walk

100 Pull ups or Sit ups

200 Push ups or Snake

300 Air squats

1 Mile Run or Job/Walk

- In a weight vest

- Scale to 10 or 20 rounds by breaking up the pull up, push up, air squat repetitions.

Or why not take on the following, it can be scaled to a number of rounds too in order to break the reps down.

Lifting Room 'Memorial Day Special'

1km Sandbag carry

100 Push ups to sandbag

100 Burpee over Sandbag

1km Sandbag carry

1 Mile Run/Walk/Jog

4 Rounds; 

25 Sit Ups

50 Push ups

75 Squats

1 Mile Run/Walk/Jog

1 Mile/800m Run/Walk/Jog

3 Rounds;

15 Sit Ups

30 Push ups

50 Squats

1 Mile/800m Run/Walk/Jog

Day 65 | Sunday | Workout 24.5 | LIVE at 10AM

Workout 1: Chest/Bicep Opener Mash Up

Workout 2: 2 Mins Max. Double Under

Workout 3: For no. of Drops

10 Rounds

10 Snatch (DB, KB, any object)

20 Lunge

  • If you drop the object complete 30s High Plank

Day 64 | Saturday | Workout 23.5 | LIVE 12PM

Workout 1 (Warm Up): Press to a 'WOD Song' of your choice

We will use 'Flower', every time you hear Up or Down do one press. IF not you should be under tension in the bottom position.

Workout 2: Skill Complex (EMOM 8 Mins)

1 Deadlift

1 Swing

1 Clean

1 Squat

1 Press

Workout 3: 21-15-9 (For Time)

Alt. Clean​


- EMOM; 5 Thruster

Day 63 | Friendship Friday | Workout 22.5 | LIVE 7.30AM


Workout 1 (Warm Up): Death by 5s Hold, 5 Reps

5s Squat hold (add as much weight as you can)

5 Squats

Workout 2: Handstand Push Up

Max. Reps; Strict HSPU

Max. Reps; Kipping HSPU

Make sure it is safe and you have enough space to do this. Check out the video and sub to a Pike Push Up if needed (elevated or from the ground), then make the movement slightly easier and go for more reps. It can also be changed to a seated/floor press.

Workout 3: 18-Minute AMRAP (YG,IG)

9 Push up

9 Front rack squat

9 Mountain Climber (each leg)

If you are going by yourself you can use a 1:1 Work:Rest ratio.

Day 62 | Thursday | Workout 21.5 | LIVE 9.30AM


Workout 1 (Warm Up): Press to "Laffy Taffy"

Workout 2: 4-Min AMRAP


You can use any object, if it is a barbell go with a weight you can keep squatting for the full 4 minutes but you are fighting to keep it there by the end.

- Front/Back Squat, Sandbag/Dog food/compost, Goblet, DB Front Rack

Workout 3: 2 Rounds (3 Minute Time Cap)

40 Clean (any object, barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, Sandbag, compost Bag)

In the remaining time, max. Burpee over object (score)

  • The idea here is to really go for those burpees!!! You should be in so much 'pain' that counting might not be possible

  • Rest 5 mins between efforts.

Day 61 | Wednesday | Workout 20.5 | LIVE 6PM


Workout 1: Bodyweight Flow (30 Minutes)

You can follow the demo video or try having some fun with your own bodyweight sequence.

This is designed to prep you for your 3 running efforts ahead.

Workout 2: Every 6 Minutes (3 Rounds)

* Run 1 km

Add together the total time you were running.

- If you need to adjust, increase your work time to 7 or 8 minutes.

* See video for options if you are not running.

Day 60 | Tuesday | Workout 19.5 | LIVE at 9.30AM


Workout 1: The Burgener Warm-Up

Workout 2: Check yo squats!

5-7 Heels Elevated Squat

5-7 Squat

5-7 Toes Elevated Squat

5-7 Squat


AMRAP 1: (All in Suitcase Carry)

Buy In: 60s max. static Lunge in suitcase carry

3 Min AMRAP: Left

8 Swing

4 Clean

10m Suitcase Carry

Rest 1 Minute


AMRAP 2: (All in Suitcase Carry)

Buy In: 60s max. static Lunge in suitcase carry

3 Min AMRAP: Right

8 Swing

4 Clean

10m Suitcase Carry

Day 59 | Monday | Workout 18.5 | LIVE at 6PM

Workout 1 (Warm Up): Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (2 sets of each):
Movement 1 – Side Plank 30-45 seconds each side
Movement 2 – Floor/Bench Press with 2s lower 12-15 reps

Movement 3 – Medball Crush (use an object you can to crush between your forearms)


Workout 2 (WOD): For time
400m Run or 25/18 Calories (if you have a machine)
50 Dumbbell Push press
50 Dumbbell Push ups
50 Dumbbell Push press
400m Run or 25/18 Calories (if you have a machine)


Workout 3 (Finisher): 2 Rounds (rest 1 min between)

60s Max. Band Pull Apart or Shoulder opener if you don’t have a band.

Day 58 | Sunday | Workout 17.5 | Live at 10AM

Workout 1: 2 Rounds / 30s Work / 10s Rest

Russian Twist

Biceps Curl

Triceps Ext.

Workout 2: For time

5 Rounds:

5 Press

10 Snatch

15s Hollow Hold

Must rest 2 mins

5 Rounds:

5 Row

10 Deadlift

15s Superman old

Workout 3: Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) | Invictus Fitness | Mind-Muscle Mobility

Find 20 minutes today to have your own active meditation, CARs could be seen as a workout and active meditation. 

Day 57 | Saturday | Workout 16.5

Workout 1 (Warm up): 5 reps of each of the movements

From the workout the way you will complete it.

Workout 2: 5-10 Mins on one WOD movement

Choose the movement you find most challenging that you would like to have a go at. 

If they're all achievable try adapting for your ability, don't forget to send us your variation and attempt.

Workout 3 (WOD): 30-Minute AMQRAP

50 Controlled Sit Up

40 Push Up with KTE

30 Sit Through

20 Squat Hold / Rev. Lunge / Squat Jump

10 Wall Walk Pike

* Complete 10 Burpees after each movement

Then go back to the top in reverse...






Day 56 | Friday | Workout 15.5

Workout 1 (Warm up): Bicep Madness

Choose any 2 movements and go until

 you physically cannot curl your biceps anymore!

- KB/DB Curl

- Banded Curl

- Bicep Isometric Hold using towel


Workout 2: Skill

Double Under or freestyle skipping…..grab a rope and give it a go. This week on our ‘Learn’ tab we are learning to juggle. Why not spend 10 minutes on a new skill, it can be anything?


Workout 3: 9 Rounds [15-Minute Time Cap]

Complete an unbroken set of Double Under/Singles/Penguin Jumps/Calf Raise followed by the no. of rounds as detailed below until you reach 9 rounds;

Set of 10 DU = Complete *1 Round 

Set of 25 = Complete 2 Rounds

Set of 50 = Complete 3 Rounds

Set of 75 = Complete 4 Rounds

Set of 100 = Complete 5 Rounds

* 1 Round = 10 Step Up, 8 Sumo Deadlift, 6 Pistol Squats

Day 55 | Thursday | Workout 14.5

Workout 1: 8-Min AMRAP for Quality (5 reps or 5-10s hold or each movement)

5-10s Straight arm hold

5 Press

5 Squat

5 Medball Clean (use any object)


Workout 2: Sprint

150 Wall Ball Shots OR (Movement of Your Choice)

- Each time you drop the object complete 50 Bear March (on the spot)

* If you are using a single arm/leg movement complete 75 reps on one side then move to the other.


Workout 3: Full body 20-Min EMOM

How is your body feeling at the minute?

Min 1, 2, 3, 4: Hamstring Stretch (alt. Legs each min)

Min 5, 6, 7, 8: 90/90 Hip Mobility (swap leading leg each min)

Min 9, 10, 11, 12: Wrist Oscillation (swap hand each min)

Min 13, 14, 15, 16: Shoulder mobility

Min 17-20: A position you find comfortable; child’s pose, happy baby, laying on your back, foetal position.

Day 54 | Wednesday | Workout 13.5 LIVE 6PM | Catch up Call 12PM


Workout 1 (Warm up): Hamstring Curl to "Thunderstruck"

Use a band around your heels, a towel or ask a family member to help. You could also use a medicine ball.


Workout 2: Towel Clean Drills!

Bring a towel to class!


Workout 3 “WOD”:


Complete 100 Jumping Jack – Buy In for each round

Single arm (SA) Deadlift (Left)

SA Renegade Row (Left)

SA Deadlift (Right)

SA Renegade Row (Right)


100 Jumping Jack or Knee to Elbow for less impact – Don’t advance to next set until you have accumulated 100 reps in total.



Complete 100 Jumping Jack

21 SA Deadlift (Left)

21 SA Renegade Row (Left)

21 SA Deadlift (Right)

21 SA Renegade Row (Right)

Complete 100 Jumping Jack

15 SA Deadlift (Left)

15 SA Renegade Row (Left)

15 SA Deadlift (Right)

15 SA Renegade Row (Right)

And so on…

Day 53 | Tuesday | Workout 12.5 LIVE 9.30AM

Workout 1 (Warm up): Set timer for 3 mins, then reset and swap sides.

  1. 5 TGU to elbow

  2. 5 TGU swipe through

  3. 5 OH reverse lunge

Constraint = Show control

Workout 2 “WOD”: ‘Nate’ Home Variation

20 Minute AMRAP: or Modify to a 10/15-Minute AMRAP
2 Ring Muscle Ups or 2 Pull Ups or 4 Push Ups (take the hardest variation for you)
4 Strict Handstand Push Ups or Seated Press (Floor press)
8 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)

  • Nasal/Nose-Mouth Throughout


Workout 3 (Reset/Down-regulation):

5-10 minutes of breath work lying down in a comfortable position.

Inhale for 3-5 seconds through your nose…
Brief hold in…
Exhale for 6-10 seconds through your mouth (like you are blowing a whistle)…
Brief hold out.

Keep the ratio of inhale to exhale at a 1:2

Day 52 | Monday | Workout 11.5


Workout 1 (Warm Up): 3 Rounds

20m KB Bottom up carry (20m each side)

5 Samson Stretch (each side)

Workout 2: Overhead Squat (5 Rounds)

10s Overhead Hold

10s Overhead Press

10s Overhead Squat

- Sub for a front rack hold, bent over row and front squat.

- try and vary the object you are using and think about tension!

Workout 3: 12-Minute Ascending Ladder (for rounds+reps)

2 Cossack Squat 

2 Hang Power Snatch or Ground to Overhead (use any object, bar/KB/DB/S-Bag)

4 Cossack Squat 

4 Hang Power Snatch or Ground to Overhead (use any object, bar/KB/DB/S-Bag)

6 Cossack Squat 

6 Hang Power Snatch or Ground to Overhead (use any object, bar/KB/DB/S-Bag)

- add 2 reps each round until you hit the cap

- Use any object KB/DB/D-Ball Over Shoulder/Barbell/Sandbag

Pop your score on the Remote Service page and let us know how you got on!

Day 51 | Sunday | Sunday Sesh!

Workout 1 (Warm Up): 2 Rounds

30s Running man (running on spot)

30s Elbow plank

30s Star jump

30s Hollow

Workout 2 (Strength): 3 Rounds

15s Tricep Hold

5-7 Tricep Push Ups (narrow grip) - add band or elevation for more challenge

Workout 3 (WOD): For Time

1 Mile Run (do your 400m distance 3 times) or Fast Walk/Jog/Bike
30 Ring Dips (use a chair/stool)
800m Run
20 Ring Dips
400m Run
10 Ring Dips

Workout 4: Hip Drill

3 minutes 30s on your hips!

Day 50 | Saturday | Living Room Games Workout 21.6

Day 49 | Friday | Hero WOD 'VE 75 CAPTAIN TOM'

Day 48 | Thursday | Workout 7.5

Workout 1 (Warm Up): 4 minutes of Walking Lunge with weight

Put on any song and start your Walking Lunge (add weight if you can and go as heavy as possible). Don't give up, go until the end of the song.

If you are unable to walking lunge, change to a static lunge or Bulgarian Split Squat.

Workout 2: Skill of your Choice.

10 minutes work on a skill you want to get better at. 

Overhead position (From pressing to Snatches) Burgener Warm up (variation). Or why not try the triple under?

Warm up for workout: 3 Rounds

30s Plank Hold, 3 Push Jerk, 6 Deadlift

Workout 3: 10 Minute AMRAP + You*

12 Push Jerk

24 Deadlift

+ You*

After the 10 Minute (Push Jerk/Deadlift) AMRAP you will Run.

Run as far as possible, go as hard as you can and when you need to stop, stop. Then start running back the way you came.

You'll get two scores today, one for the AMRAP and a word to describe your run!

Day 47 | Wednesday | Workout 6.5

Workout 1: 2 Rounds

With a medball/d-ball/s-bag/compost bag:

60s in a Front Rack position

60s in an overhead position

60s in a bear hug position

Workout 2: 2 Rounds of max. reps

Seated Strict Press

Workout 3: 4 Rounds for time (Alternate hands each round)

200m Suitcase Carry (reduce distance if you are using a heavier weight)

9 Muscle Clean (any object, if the object is 'light' double the reps or split half on left and half on right)

18 Swings (KB/DB)

Day 46: Let's do this together at 6pm!

Day 45: Workout 4.5

Workout 1: “Song”

Inch Worm to “Flower” by Moby

Workout 2: "Gymnastics Hell"

Add 15s until you can no longer hold that time

15s Plank Facing hold at wall (1 or 2 hands on wall)

15s Pike Facing Wall hold

15s Pike facing wall hold with leg raise

15s Handstand hold at wall (minimal foot contact as possible)


15, 15, 15, 15, 30, 30, 30, 30, 45, 45, 45, 45, 60, 60, 60, 60 (seconds) – rest after 60s holds.


Workout 3: 3 Rounds

60s AMRAP – Split Squat – Raise back foot and go AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE!

Rest 60s between legs


Workout 4: 18 Minute AMRAP

300m Run – Max. Handstand Hold

Every time you drop down = Go for a run!

Day 44: Join us at 12pm for LIVE Workout 3.5!

Day 43: Workout 21.5!

Day 42: Friendship Friday!

Workout 1: Video call a friend for some motivation!

Maybe do your warm up with them!

Tabata: 20s Work / 10s Rest [16 Rounds, 4 of each]

Movement 1: Russian Baby Maker

Movement 2: Panther

Movement 3: Long Inch Worm

Movement 4: Crab

Workout 2: Today is all about you!

Choose any movement/s and complete the following;

4 Rounds:

5 minutes of work and 3 mins of rest

No Equipment examples; Run, Skip, Burpee or if you have equipment try Row, Bike or Ski?

Constraints: No sound. No Data. Nose to Mouth Breathing.

Get rid of any noise you might have going around in your head and just focus on your heartbeat. Remove any noise you have in your mind.

Inspired by Andrew and Bill Anthes (Between The Ears)

Workout 3: Join Yoga with Andrea via Zoom at 6pm (Details on Learn Tab)

Day 41: Workout 30.4

Workout 1: 3 attempts at your slowest, heaviest squat for max. tension

1 Squat (add weight however you can, D-Ball/S-Bag/DBs/KBs/Tyre/Screenwash

- rest as you need, then have 2 more attempts

- Raise that heart rate, body temperature and increase your stress levels!

Workout 2: 3 Rounds

Max. Reps Push ups

Round 1 - Breathe as you like

Round 2 - Breathe Nose-Mouth

Round 3 - Breathe Nasal

If you don't want to add the breathing just continue as you did for Round 1.


Workout 3: For time


Sit Up or Toes To Bar - Hang Squat Clean

20 Sit up/T2B and 10 Hang Squat Clean then,

18 Sit up/T2B and 9 Hang Squat Clean then,

16 Sit up/T2B and 8 Hang Squat Clean and so on.....

- Get back to nasal breathing AFAP

Workout 4: LIVE Mobility/Flexibility at 6pm with Coach Ana.

If you can’t make the call finish with the following.​

3 mins: Foot roll (with hard ball/bottle) 90s on each foot

2 mins: Samson stretch alternating sides

1 min: Childs pose (nasal breathing)

Workout 1: 60s AMRAP

5 Single Leg Deadlift

5 Strict press

- Change legs/arms after each round

- Complete 3 Rounds on each side

Find = Inner hammie


Workout 2: See video

Use a towel to do max, towel burns.

Option 2: Single Arm Strict Press

3 Single Arm Strict Press (5 Rounds)

Find objects either single or double handed you can press overhead.


Option 3: Max. Effort Rope Pull (3 Rounds)

If you have access to a rope and tyre/pallet, tie one to the other and load weight onto the tyre. Go for 3 Max. Effort rope pulls, as fast as you can, hand over hand, get blood flow to lats.


Workout 3: 2-3 Rounds

In a 3 Minute Window

25 Object to lap or Deadlift – preferably use a bag (sand/compost)/D-ball/medball or Power Clean or D-ball over shoulder

Max. Carry (distance)

  • 2 min rest

  • Find your Glutes!

Day 40: Workout 29.4

Day 39: Surprise Workout 28.4!!!

Join the 12pm call to see what's in store & join us for this evening's LIVE workout at 6PM. Don't forget we also have LIVE Mobility on Thursday, we take on 21.5 on Saturday at 12PM and get together for the last LIVE workout of the week on Sunday at 12PM

Day 38: Welcome to Monday!

Workout 1: Slow and Controlled

Reverse Snow Angel - 10

Bird/Dog - 30s per side

Turkish Get Up Swipe Through or go Freestyle - Or try the sequence from the link.

1. Kneeling bent press

2. TGU to elbow

3. TGU swipe through

4. OH reverse lunge

Constraint = Show control

Workout 2: 3 Rounds of 10 reps

Complete the rows with whatever object you have access to, here are some examples.

Medball Crush Row


Dumbbell Row (IT) - Find Lower Abs

Or, if you have a barbell

Barbell Row

Workout 3: Chipper (do this one with a partner)

50 Russian Twist

50 KB Swings

50 KB Halos

50 DB Clean (& Jerk)

50 Mountain Climbers

- Do this one with a partner or use a 1:1 Work: Rest Ratio

Move through all movements with intensity.

Day 37: Join today's LIVE Workout at 12pm

Workout 1: 2 Rounds

High plank hold accumulate 1 min

Low plank hold accumulate 1 min 

Hollow hold accumulate 1 min 

High plank shoulder taps 10 ( 5 a side)

- Rest between rounds

Workout 2: 2 Rounds

5L/5R Single arm plank into Down dog

Then: 2 Rounds

5 Plank to pike walk outs (grab a box/chair)

Shoulder taps wall walk. Working closer to the wall. (6 reps at hardest point 3 times)

Workout 3: Accumulate 30 reps as fast as possible

Strict Handstand Push Up 

Once you break change to a slightly easier movement and keep going until you reach 30. 

Options; Pike Push Up, Hand Release Push Up, Snake Push Up

Workout 4: 12 min ARMAP 

Buy in = 400 m run (approx. 2 mins of work)

10 Squats
5 Push ups 
10 Lunges
5 Handstand push up or above variations

Day 36: Grip & Push | Living Room Games Workout 21.4 

Day 35: Don't be a Pez dispenser!

Workout 1: Thoracic Spine Isometric Holds

Check out today's learn tab video or click the link above. Find a comfy spot and pop on the video to work through the isometric holds.

Workout 2: 5 Rounds

5 Inch worm 

5 Hawaiian Squats - each side

5 Samson Stretch - each side 

Workout 3: In 3 Minutes
Accumulate max. L-Sit Hold (grab two chairs/sturdy stool) or L-tuck or Plank Hold

- rest 3 minutes

Accumulate max. Side Hollow Hold or Hollow Hold - challenge yourself to hold longer than you normally would.

- rest 3 minutes

Workout 4: For time 10-1 & 1-10 (12 minute time cap)

KB Swings (or DB)

Wall Ball Shot (or throw) or Thruster or Squat with load in goblet/front rack

Therefore complete;

10 Swings with 1 Wall Ball 'Throw'

9 Swings with 2 Wall Ball 'Throw'

8 Swings with 3 Wall Ball 'Throw'

- If you want to challenge yourself try going 15-1 and 1-15.

15 Swings with 1 Wall Ball 'Throw'

14 Swings with 2 Wall Ball 'Throw'

13 Swings with 3 Wall Ball 'Throw'....and so on

Day 34: Online Assessments

Workout 1: Inner hamstring opener

I'm sure like me you all have a certain movement/position/technique you struggle with. So join our 12pm call (or watch it back) and hop onto today’s learn tab, and have a go yourself at finding your inner hamstring with the StrongFit Inner Hamstring opener.

Workout 2: 3 Rounds of each (shrugs and tricep kick backs)

Part A: 1 Minute AMRAP Shrugs (use 2 objects, if they are varying weights you can switch them at 30s or on the next set)
1 minute rest in between sets

Part B: 1 Minute AMRAP Tricep kick back 

1 minute rest in between sets

Workout 3: 18 Minute AMRAP

1 Deadlift

3 Step up or Reverse lunge with knee raise

6 Double Under (or Calf raise)

Double the reps each round, so;

Round 2: 2 Deadlift, 6 Step Up, 12 DU

Round 3: 4, 12, 24

Round 4: 8, 24, 48

Round 5: 16, 48, 96

Today our LIVE Coached call delved into the hinge, internal torque and the difference between flexibility and mobility. Check out the full video below.

Day 33: Running, running, running, running

Workout 1:

400m Walk/Job/Run

Try and find a hill and as you go up it think about heel kicks only.

Constraint = Find your glutes (max.)

Workout 2: 5 sets

Build up to a max. weighted push up. You could wear a rucksack and slowly keep adding load. Adapt to your ability by reducing the distance or go unloaded, use a snake.

- Go for max. load (3-5 reps)

Constraint = Make your set up wider than you usually would.

Workout 3: In a 3-minute window

400m Sprint / Jog / Fast Walk - adjust the distance so you are challenged to get to the burpees

Max. Weighted burpee


Workout 23.4 Demo

LIVE 12pm Check in, Workout Q&A & Demo!

Day 32: Be Strong.

Workout 1: 3 max. efforts

Max. tension press (any object, DB, KB, can crush)

Find your pecs.

Workout 2: 3 Rounds (use WOD Timer)

Single leg deadlift (L) - 60s

Rest 60s

Single leg deadlift (R) - 60s
Find your inner hamstring (inner part of your leg where hamstring meets glute)


Workout 3: 3 Rounds

Strict Press (AMRAP) into Push Press (AMRAP) then,

Max. Overhead Hold

- Rest 2 mins

- Use an object/load which will challenge you.


Workout 4: 3 RFT

20 Bench press (Floor press with s-bag/d-ball/DB/KB

10 Toes to bar (a good alternative could be toes to sofa, or knee tuck/sit up) 

5 Snatch (any object.

Day 31: It's a perfect 10 kinda day!


Workout 1:

Pike Pulse to song!

Constraint = Try and keep moving for the full song!

Workout 2: 5RFT

30s Handstand Hold (or plank hold variation; pike, high, elbow, side)

20 Air Squat

Constraint = Try and go unbroken on the 'hold'

Workout 3: 4 Sets

Max Load Deadlift (3-5 reps)

- Find anything around the house/garden you can deadlift from the ground

Workout 4: 3-4 rounds

26 Air Squat

16 Jumping lunge

6 Lateral sprint (5m)

- rest

Constraint = This is a sprint, keep moving and take a 2 minute rest after each round.

Day 30: Happy Sunday!


Workout 1:

We are going to choose any 4 movements and complete a 16 minute EMOM. Here's an example:

Minute 1: Bicep Curl

Minute 2: Oblique opener

Minute 3: Bent over row

Minute 4: Ball Stir

Workout 2: "Death by"

There are a couple of ways you can complete today's "death by", the traditional way is choose one movement and complete 1 rep of that movement in minute 1, 2 reps in minute 2, 3 in minute 3 and so on until you can't complete the required reps in that minute.

Option 2: Choose 2 movements, e.g. Squats and Push ups

Minute 1: 1 Squat + 1 Push up

Minute 2: 2 Squat + 2 Push ups

Option 3: A set amount of work each minute;

7 Thruster

7 Push up

7 Burpee

If you've got a pull up bar why not try the "Bergeron Beep Test':

EMOM for as Long as Possible:

7 Thrusters (35/25)

7 Pull ups

7 Burpees

Day 29: Workout 21.3

Scaling options for 21.3

Day 28: Sandbag day

If you don't have a sandbag why not fill a pillow case, rucksack or use a bag of compost or dog food!

Workout 1: Front Squat

3 Rounds
Sandbag/Object Front Squats - no drops
1min AMRAP.
- no more than 90s rest between rounds

Workout 2: Clean & Press

3 Rounds

10 Sandbag/Object Clean & Press (Max. Load)

- rest 60s between rounds

Workout 3: Sandbag Carry

3 Rounds

- Object must be in the bottom of the press position/ Sandbag squat hold
Once you give up on the position, come back using a normal bear-hug carry. Go heavy, try and get at least 50m one-way!
- Rest 90s between rounds

Workout 3: 10 Minute AMRAP
10 Sandbag Front Squats

Max. Distance Sandbag carry

Naughty Nancy: Women 2013 CrossFit Games

Day 27:

Workout 1: Biceps Hell to "Despacito"

Workout 2: 20-Minute Skill

Workout 3: "Nancy"

We go classic CrossFit today!

5 Rounds:

400m Run

Constraint = Find tension in your hamstrings

15 Overhead Squats

Constraint = Find tension in your pecs

Day 26:

Workout 1: 5 Min 'Burn'

Lat Pull Down with band - 5 mins

for max. blood flow to lats

Could be a DB/KB row, landmine row (barbell)

- Set a timer off and spend 5 mins trying to get your lat dorsi to cramp.

Workout 2:Chipper strength

E.G. Use a single DB in both hands, if that's too light complete twice with half reps on each arm. Try and get through without putting the object down;

60 Swing

30 Clean

15 Press

60m OH Carry

Constraint = Don't put the object down. If you put the object down you are going to complete 15 reps of an exercise set by you that you want to get better at. Ideally it will be a movement

Workout 3: Full Fight!
Max. Speed Sprint - 60s
Max. Distance Object push - 60s

Max. Reps Ab work (ab wheel, barbell roll out, fall throughs, plank reach) - 60s


*Rest in between rounds

- More details of how best to approach Workout 3 will be on the call at 12pm. See you there or listen back later!

Day 25: Let's get the week started!

Workout 1:

Max. Lateral Raise (part of the shoulder opener)

Triceps Extension

Wrist Flex/Ext.


Workout 2:

5RM Weighted Step up (5L/5R)

(as heavy as possible)


Workout 3:​ 6-8 Rounds

90s work 30s rest

25 'Thruster'



Day 24:

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Workout 1:

Plate/object press to ‘Halo’ by Beyonce

Find anything but your traps


Workout 2: 10 Minutes

OTM: 6 Suitcase Deadlift + 8 swings

Find your hammies


Workout 3: 15-minute EMOM

Jump around “Partner WOD”

- Object GTOH (8L/8R) 

- Object overhead Split ‘press’ (5L/5R)

- Minute 3 = Max. Lateral jump or step over

Constraint = Find a nose/mouth breathing rhythm throughout..


Partners are working on different exercises and switch at the end of each minute. Remaining time in the minute after completing the prescribed reps is the rest period. Every third minute, both partners complete 40 lateral jump/step over. For example: in minute 1, Partner A completes the GTOH while Partner B completes the overhead press. In minute two, they switch. In minute 3, they each complete the Max. lateral jumps/step overs. Continue this pattern for 15 minutes.


Score = lateral jump/step over and N/M breathing

Workout 3: Variation

- Object Clean

- Object Row or Floor Press

- If you are not jumping or stepping, try a max. band pull apart.

Day 23:

Happy Sunday!

Workout 1: Hollow Hold

"Flower" by Moby

Constraint - Find your obliques and pecs.

Workout 2

Part 1: 7 min ARMAP

12 Hand release push ups (with snake or reduced range)
9 Air Squats
6 Sit ups

Constraint = Move with a sense of urgency, find your obliques and pecs.


3 mins rest

Part 2: For time / Complete reps in any order 

10 TGU a side (20 in total) 
20 Thrusters 
20 Overhead squats or Front squat (can be done with a broom handle)
20 Deadlifts 

Constraint = Find your obliques and pecs.

Feel free to use a range of objects, a mixture of gym/homemade equipment to challenge your stability. Fight for the constraint don't just move through based on you hitting the position.

Day 22:

Support Your Local Box Workout 21.1!

If you'd like to vary any movements why not take on this version....


For time:
50 jumping jacks 
15 burpees
35 jumping jacks
12 burpees
20 jumping jacks
9 burpees

Time cap: 15 minutes

Day 21:

Have you found your lats yet?

Workout 1: Towel Row Song!

*Constraint = Find your lats

Workout 2 Part A:

·       Split stance row 8L/8R

·       Plank rows 8L/8R

·       Sumo row 8L/8R

Workout 2 (Part B Variation): If you’ve got a pull up bar

Wide grip Pull Up – Max reps

If you can do 10 unbroken and can still find your lats, then add weight.


Band pull downs

*Constraint = Find your lats

Workout 3: For time


Box Jumps or Step Ups

Hang Clean (& Jerk)

Day 20:

21-15-9 can only mean one thing....."Fran Lung"

Workout 1: Move through all movements of the Stuart McGill 'Big 3' - Check out today's learn tab and/or watch the big man himself here (slightly older video but the information is still relevant!) talking about 'training the core the right way'.

Workout 2: 3 Rounds

60s Floor Press (Barbell, Sandbag, KB, DB)

Max. Push up


On the way up – pecs

On the way down - lat

Workout 3: Max. Reverse Sled Drag - Find your glute max. / nasal breathing (As many times as you need)

Find a piece of rope/tow strap/sheet/big towel anything you can wrap around an object and go for a reverse object drag! Have you got a tyre you can load objects onto, a bag you can fill with the weights (make it as heavy as you can and drag it backwards). other examples, (sand/compost/rubble/bag for life).


Workout 4: Home “Fran” – Go for it!


'Bucket' Squat Clean

Burpee over object

Day 19:

Tonight is QUIZ NIGHT!!

Workout 1: Bicep Curl

With a hex dumbbell or something you can get your thumbs on top of (this is really important).


Workout 2: 2 sets of 60 sec AMRAP for each arm

1-Arm Sotts Press or a Standing Press (see option below)

Keep your hips fairly high, do not just rest at the bottom of the squat. We are looking for tension in the hips.

Same thing as you lower the bar, keep the tension in the lats all the way down. You should be cramping everywhere by the end of the first set.

Workout 2 (Variation): 2 sets of 60 sec AMRAP for each arm

If you are not doing the Sotts press you will do a standing press, one arm at a time.

15m Single Arm Overhead Carry

Max. Press

Workout 3: Technique work

Handstand Push up or Push Up

Spend as much time as you would like working on your Handstand Push Up or Push Up technique. Let's use this time to really think about the tension we are able to create and not the depth we are OR aren't able to make. Being able to do a push up and do it well goes much further than being able to hit the bottom and top of a push up.

Workout 4: From Floor or Grab a box / Bench / Chair / Cooler


2 Walk out to Plank and back to stacked position

2 Leg Raises (1 Each side)

2 Corner Walk (L+R)

2 Leg Raises (1 each side)

2 Walk out to Plank and back to stacked position



2 minute rest - 3 Rounds

Workout 5: Thoracic Opener from StrongFit

Day 18:

Workout 7.4

Bring with you to the 12pm ZOOM Home Workout some objects you want to have a go at Part A and Part B with, a KB if you have it for Part A and then a few objects you think you could practice squat cleaning, let's have some fun!


Workout 1 Part A: Learning the Kettlebell clean (or use any object)

  • Constraint = Keep your shoulders square.

Workout 1 Part B:

Squat `clean’ – Any object squat clean

Find any objects around the house/garden you can squat clean

  • Constraint = Lats

Workout 2: (KB) Complex;

This is a great complex that allows for a good amount of volume with quality reps. If you don’t have a ‘heavy’ kettlebell simply complete more reps, either double, maybe even multiply by 3 and focus on the constraints from Part A & B.

Complex: 6 Rounds (3-5 `reps’ per round)
1 Single Arm DL (R) to 1 Offset Reverse Lunge (L)

1 Single Arm DL (L) to 1 Offset Reverse Lunge (R)
1 Single Arm Clean (R) to 1 Offset Squat with KB in front rack position

1 Single Arm Clean (L) to 1 Offset Squat with KB in front rack position

If your KB is light you can add a;

Single Arm Clean to Press (R)

Single Arm Clean to Press (L)

The whole complex is one rep, therefore;

Deadlift, lunge, deadlift, lunge, clean, squat, clean, squat (8 reps in total)

1 round means you have completed all 8 reps, try and link 3 – 5 rounds of this together.

Then, rest for 90-120 seconds and complete 4-6 rounds.

Use a weight that you can press for 4-5 reps max as the weight you do the complex with.


Workout 3: OTM (10 Mins)

4 KB Power Clean or any object

8 Thruster or Goblet Squat

- swap arms every minute

Constraint - Focus on all of today's constraints and connecting them together.

Day 17:

It's Monday, let's go!!

Day 16:

"Dice Game"

We’ve got another ‘game’ workout for you all! Grab a pair of dice (if you don’t have any, use this website )

If you are working out by yourself why not pick 5 exercises and complete 5 Rounds, or make it a 30 Minute AMRAP.

Here's an example; 5 Rounds

40s Plank Hold or 20s Hand stand hold

20 Swings (KB or DB)

20 Deadlift

20 Floor Press

20 Standing Knee to Elbow or Tuck Jumps

Here’s how it works: for 30 minutes you will be rolling the dice to decide what your next ‘movement’ is. If you’re doing it with friends/family, you go can use the ‘You Go, I Go’ format (don’t forget, you can do it through Zoom/Facetime with a group of friends if you want). The winner is the person who has gone through the most ‘rounds’.


If you roll:

2 - 4 TGU (2 each side). If you’re not going overhead, 10 Russian Twist

3 - 40 Double Under. Single Skips if you’re not doing Double Unders or 20 Lunges if you don’t want to jump.

3 - 20 Swings (KB, DB)

4 - 20 Shoulder to OH. Floor press if you’re not going overhead

5 - 20 Clean (Barbell, KB, DB, Sandbag)

6 - 20 V-Up / sit-ups

7 - 20 Lateral Jump / Box Jump / Kneeling to Stand

8 - 20 Deadlift (any object)

9 - 20 Squats (with or without weight)

10 - 20 second HS Hold (or 40s Plank Hold)

11 - 20 Knee Tuck Jump or Knees to Elbow

12 - 20 Thruster

If you roll the same number on both dice (e.g. 2 + 2), everyone does 5 burpees plus your 20 Shoulder to OH.



If you roll;

2+3 = 5 therefore 5 = 20 Clean

5 + 6 = 11 therefore 11 = 20 Knee Tuck Jump or Knees to Elbow

6 + 6 = 12 therefore 11 = 20 Thruster (PLUS 5 burpees for everyone because you rolled the same number)

Workout 1:

Complete 4 rounds for quality:

  1. 5L/5R Hollow press – scale to knees tucked, and/or drop the load

  2. 5L/5R Plank pull through - Or Panther (unloaded)

  3. 10 Dead bug with reach – or just dead bug (can put hands against wall)

  4. 5 Anti/5 Clock Kneeling halo

Constraint: Move through the movements with urgency but keep form tight.

If you don’t have a KB use a dumbbell, can of food, milk bottle etc.


Workout 2: Practice the ladder breathing from today’s 'LEARN' tab and apply it to the carry in today’s workout.


Workout 3: “Drop”

3 Rounds (half reps on each arm)

100m Suitcase carry

50 Swings (KB/dumbbell, screenwash, dual or single handed)

25 Deadlift


*Constraint = Make a connection to the oblique on the opposite side to which you are carrying the object, don’t put the object down.

Day 15:

Support Your Local Box Workout 21.1!

Join us on the normal 12pm Zoom Home Workout as we complete 21.1 together!

Head over to the 'Learn' tab to see Movement Standards and Workout description.

Day 14:

"GRISABEL" at home!

Workout 1: Burgener Warm Up

Film it and upload your attempt to the Remote Service group! We would love to see it!

Workout 2: "Tabata" (16 Rounds; 20s Work / 10s Rest)

1) Cossack squat (hold onto something if you need)

2) Pike to plank walk outs or High Plank

3) Bear Crawl or Bird Dog

4) Shoulder Opener


Workout 3: "GrIsabel at Home"

30 Clean & Jerk (Get any object to your shoulders and overhead)

30 Snatch (Alt. Kettlebell snatch, Alt. dumbbell snatch, d-ball over shoulder, sandbag or d-ball over podium or to shoulder/clean)

*Constraint = don’t put the object down

If you drop object; complete 1 minute high plank (doesn't count when switching from C+J to Snatch)

Workout 4: Hop over to today's 'Learn' and 'Smile' tabs!

Day 13:

It's your workout, go and get it!

Workout 1: WOD song: Banded Face Pulls to "Thunderstruck" YES!!

(Or choose your own song where they repeat the same word just as many times, and share your attempt & song with us!)

*Constraint = find your rear deltoids


​Workout 2: Watch video in today's 'Learn' tab


Workout 3: Front Rack Complex - Choose any object and complete the following complex;

EMOM: 10 minutes

30s Front rack hold (WODTimer will tell you when you're there)

5 Rows

5 Press

*Constraint = find your external obliques


Workout 4: For Time


Lunge (any) with weight in Front rack position or Bodyweight

Shoulder to Overhead

*Constraint = Tension in the T-spine (Thoracic) - Mid back

Day 12:

It's your workout, go and get it!

Workout 1:

60s Calf Raise

Rest as you need

60s Calf Raise 


Workout 2:

Skill: Double Under or choose a skill you want to work on. Today’s call will be geared towards this and answering questions and guiding people on things they might like to work on.


Workout 3:

In a 90 second window; As many rounds as you can until your DU are caught by the time cap.

80 Double under (bring number down or switch to 30 box jump/single skip or a distance walk/run)

Max. Deadlift - choose any object you have that you can take from the ground to lap.

-Rest 1 minute between rounds

Workout 4: Wim Hof Breathing Method

See today's 'Learn' tab.

Day 11:

Building a strong structure!

Workout 1: For max. tension (i.e don’t put the object down for 5 mins)

Max. Tension Turkish get up on RHS - in 5 mins

Max. Tension Turkish get up on LHS - in 5 mins


Workout 2: 8 Minute AMRAP

15m Carry - ANY (Go heavy, make it challenging)

5 Squat



1. Don't put the bag/object down

2. Find your external obliques (internal torque)


Workout 3: Find an object you can throw/toss (ROOOOOOOOAR!!!) - Check out today's 'Learn' tab

Find any object which would be okay to throw and make sure you have space to do it.

Option would be to do a single max. effort d-ball over shoulder/sandbag launch if you don’t have a lot of space.

Alternatively, you are going to do a max. set of Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings (don't count your reps just go for it).

Day 10:

Workout 1: "Bring Sally __, Bring Sally ____"


Workout 2: Then complete 3-4 Rounds of;

Max. Floor Press reps (Heavy object)

followed by max. Standing press (any object, don’t stop. When you need to, do a small dip and drive) UYQ (Until you quit)


Workout 3: "PLAY" 2 Minutes on each; choose 3 or more objects/movements and do your best to locate the lats.


Option 1: Handstand Hold – Find your lats

Option 2: Press – Find your lats (as heavy as possible)

Option 3: Single arm plank hold - Find your lats

Option 4: Overhead Dowel/Broomstick Snap – Find your lats

Option 5: Overhead Head press on doorframe – Find your lats

P.S. If you haven't realised, our mission today is to find our lats. Can you find them? What else are you feeling? Maybe you are feeling a different part of the body or a different muscle working instead? Why not start a new journey or exploration to locate them! Who knows what else you might find out about yourself? 

Day 9:

Weekend workout with the kids!

Join our weekend workouts, don't forget to involve the whole family in this one!

Workout 1: Movement flow


Workout: 2

50 Squats, EMOM 5 Bent over row


60 Lunges, EMOM 5 Star Jumps/Knee tuck or 5 Thruster


70 Glute Bridge EMOM 5 Object Row/Kneel to jump

Day 8:

Full Deck: For time!

Draw cards from a standard 52-card deck plus 2 Jokers. Each card drawn determines which exercise to do and the number of reps whilst the suit determines the exercise:

Hearts = 10m Bear crawl or 10s High Plank

Diamonds = V-Up or Sit up

Clubs = Goblet or Air squat

Spades = Lateral jump (over bench/box/plate/BW or Mountain climber)      


Card value determines the number of reps (face cards = 10, Aces = 11).

Jokers = 50m Sprint/Jog

Before the clock starts pick the first card from the deck to determine what exercise to do and how many reps.

Card value = number of reps (face cards = 10, Aces = 11).

If you don’t have a deck of cards you can use an online desk of cards here

Day 7:

Friendship Friday!!

7 Minute Time cap;

Max. Burpee to target!

Tune in at midday for the workout brief and the modification of the burpee!​

Day 6:

"Bear Complex"

5 Rounds:


Complete 7 Unbroken Sets of the following complex:

  • 1 Power Clean​

  • 1 Front Squat

  • 1 Push Press

  • 1 Back Squat

  • 1 Push Press​


To complete 1 round you will complete the complex seven times, unbroken (without letting go of the object or resting it on the ground). Complete five unbroken rounds, resting as needed between each round to complete the workout.

Day 5:

Get ready!!! (25.3)

Workout 1: WOD song "Thunderstruck" (Orange/Red band) or "Give It Away Now" (Pressing object)

Workout 2:

Download WOD Timer or Smart WOD Timer, it can be found on Apple Store and Google Play. This is important because you're going to hear the beeps. It also gives you 30 (half way) and 10s warnings so no excuses for stopping! I want you to tackle this with FIGHT! It will burn, that’s the point, embrace and push that (lactate) burn threshold.

15 Rounds: 60s Work | 30s Rest

60s Max. Squats

REST 30s 

60s Max. Push Up

REST 30s

60s Max. Lunge (L)

REST 30s 

60s Max. Reach from elbow plank

REST 30s 

60s Max. Lunge (R)

REST 30s 

Day 4:

Today is Technique Tuesday! (24.3)

Grab a broom!


Workout 1: Burgener Warm Up

Workout 2: Pulling under

2 High Hang Pull

1 High Hang Clean


Workout 3: "PAUSE"

5 x Pause Cleans (10s at each position)

Workout 4: "DRIVE + PULL UNDER"

15 x Clean Pull

15 x Clean High Pull

30 High Hang into front squat


Workout 5: With 3 objects of your choice

In 10 mins (AMRAP);

10 Clean Object 1

10 Clean Object 2

10 Clean Object 3

Finisher: See today's 'LEARN' tab

Day 3:

It's a Burny kinda day! (23.3)

Workout 1: Shoulder Opener - Find your lats, pecs, short head of bicep.

See the ‘Learn’ tab for today's song warm up. We want you to complete this in front of the mirror. We don’t get this opportunity at the gym so have a go. If you’re not able to feel it in the right place how might you change your approach, so you are able to?


  • Send any one of our coaches a video and let us know what you are feeling and maybe we can help you find a better connection to that muscle.


Workout 2: 60s work/60s rest [Try and hold tensions for 2 rounds on each side]

Single Arm Overhead Press - I want you to find your lats (see image - 'Latissimus dorsi'). Focus on placing the energy in the sides.

  • Find an object, even the object you used for the shoulder openers would work.

Workout 3: Push ups; 5 reps - but FOCUS on them, focus on making them feel like you are building strength. That comes from you putting and holding tension throughout your body. Hold yourself accountable.


  • Do as many sets as you can keeping the same performance level

  • Add weight each round if you can


Workout 4: [4 Rounds for time] - Upper 

  • 30s Reverse Plank (facing upwards if you can, if not face down)

  • 20/10 Chair dips - maintaining tension through the pec 

  • 10/5 Hand release push ups - Snake, or use a box, chair, wall?

Constraint: Holding tension in your pecs!

StrongFit: Shoulder Opener

Day 2:

"Getting outside (garden time)?!" (22.3)

Today we challenge you to a workout outside! Here's what you'll need;

1. Something to carry Overhead, Suitcase carry and two things to Farmers Carry.

2. Pace out 50 big steps (or as many as you can), place a marker down, you can use it to measure out your 100m distance.

Warm up: 4 Rounds for quality 

5 Russian Baby Maker

10 High Plank to Elbow Plank

15s Shoulder depress, Shoulder retract, Shoulder raise (Holding any of your carry objects) - use your muscles and squeeze.

Complete 4 Rounds, 100m of each using any object you can find;

100m Overhead carry

100m Suitcase carry

100m Farmers carry

- If you can't do one of the types of carries don't worry, just choose another object and carry it another way, why not front rack or bear hug?

- Score is; share the objects you used to complete the workout to give others some ideas!


1) Download WODTimer for future workouts, it can be found on Apple Store and Google Play

2) Don't forget to check out today's Learn and Smile pages!

Day 1:

"Filthy 50" Flashback! (21.3)

For time: "Doing it raw!"

(2 rounds if you can)

For time: "FILTHY 50"

  • 50 Box Jumps (24/20 inches)

  • 50 Jumping Pull-Ups

  • 50 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

  • 50 Walking Lunges (bodyweight)

  • 50 Kneee to elbows

  • 50 Push Press 20/15kg

  • 50 Back Extensions

  • 50 Wall Ball Shots 9/6kg (12kg for James)

  • 50 Burpees

  • 50 Double unders

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