Burn is the newest class to be added to the Lifting Room schedule. If you want to test your true training capacity and are looking to try a different approach whether it be in competition, sports or endurance then this class is for you. Change your perspective, or want a new approach to training Feeling bored of 21-15-9?


Delve into the rabbit hole of aerobic capacity, including a look into breathing patterns and techniques



Strong classes are designed to help develop strength and confidence in movement by building better pathways that lead to a true structure of strength for you. Our style of strength training involves a fun variety of movements as we work on finding and building good muscle quality and true strength.



If you enjoy the fun of competition and want to get some serious results, join us for a mixture of gymnastics, olympics lifts and bodyweight movements taught to you by passionate coaches.


Feel empowered and achieve a level of confidence, body composition and posture you never thought you could have, even if it is through laughter and games.





This class is designed for your teens to have fun with their fitness whilst learning new skills in an exciting environment. Our Teen Lifters class is designed for those from the ages of 11 to 15 years and is great way for them to gain skill and coordination through a carefully structured program.


Let the kids have fun and develop a lifelong love of fitness through our Little Lifters class designed for those aged 4 to 10 years. Together we will run, jump, crawl, hop, skip and much much more, all in a safe, controlled and most importantly, fun environment!

About Lifting Room
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We've been handed a challenge but our mission remains strong; to teach and care for our community!

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